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The Wednesday Match Play Podcast presented by MemberText

Oct 9, 2019

I've not been to Bandon Dunes yet, so I'm not sure what the experience is like, but several of my friends have, and it sounds like a special place. Based on what I'm seeing online, you can expect ocean views, blustery conditions, and an unforgettable golf experience. You can also expect to play golf with a caddie, which is something I enjoy. Caddies at Bandon aren't required, but the first time you're there, or any course where caddies are available, I'd recommend taking one.

Jerry Luoto is one of the caddies there and we recently connected on Twitter. He shares a lot of great content, likes to drink beer, and has a great personality. When I asked him to come on the podcast, he jumped at the opportunity. On this episode of The Wednesday Match Play Podcast you will learn more about what the typical day for a caddie looks like, his favorite course to loop, and to play, at Bandon, what sort of weather conditions you can expect when you visit and where he first learned to hit a golf ball off a beer can! This was a fun episode and I enjoyed having Jerry on the show. Let's jump into it.