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The Wednesday Match Play Podcast powered by Epic Golf Club

Jun 10, 2020

When I lived in Florida I connected with Melissa Hansen, membership & marketing director at The Club at Olde Cypress. We stayed in touch and figured it would be fun to have her on the show during Women's Golf Month. She also has a consulting business on the side and is a leader in the private club world. 

On this episode of The Wednesday Match Play Podcast presented by MemberText you will learn more about The Club at Olde Cypress, her passion for marketing, her work with PCMA, and how she uses a CRM to sift through over 1,500 leads. She also talks about the club’s pineapple table and how she introduces potential members to the experience at Olde Cypress. Hopefully after this discussion she will be implementing live chat, too! This was a really fun interview and I enjoyed having Melissa on the show. Let's tee off.