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The Wednesday Match Play Podcast presented by Mindful "U"

Jan 15, 2020

I've known Bill Healey for many years, and if he recommends a product or service to me, I take note. A few weeks ago he mentioned he was working with Bob Silzer and Vantage Tag Systems. I was eager to learn more, and found a wealth of information on their website. We take GPS for granted, but I wanted to pick Bob's brain about his time in the industry.

On this episode of The Wednesday Match Play presented by MemberText you will learn more about Bob's history in the business, how GPS technology is helping with pace of play, exactly what a tag is and how clubs are using them, their work in agriculture and more on their RAPTOR rental program. Bob also talks about fleet management and their ability to track low speed automobiles. This was a fun and informative episode and I enjoyed having Bob on the show. Let’s tee off.